Start Up to Watch: Good Eggs brings local food to local people

Good Eggs - Screenshot of homepage

Good Eggs’ Home Page

As if I needed another reason to want to live in the San Fransisco Bay area… A brilliant new start up, Good Eggs, just set up shop in the area. This website serves as “a hub to bring people and food closer together.” The site features local farmers and small businesses that bring local, real food to the people in the area, making eating fresh, local produce easeir than ever!

If you live nearby, check out the site: For the rest of us, let’s hope they expand soon! In the mean time, we can take advantage of their blog, The Eater’s Digest, (, which already has some great content including information on seasonal foods, infographics and recipes.


One response

  1. Hooray for California! We have good eggs at our own little farm 2 hours from the city. Our red hens are a bit stressed right now, however, from our 100 degree weather. Productions has slowed.

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