Jugo Verde (or Green Juice)

The recent  juicing craze hasn’t appealled to me very much. In fact, I have taken my “I’ll-have-my-fruit-with-the-fiber-please” stance very seriously.

…But a gal can change.

The flip-flop happened on my recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, when I was served a bright green juice with my breakfast. The waiter told me it was a traditional Mexican  juice, so, holding my breathe, I decided to give it a try…

And I loved it. I asked for the recipe, and it turns out the green color comes from cactus (not kale or spinach, as I had fearfully suspected).

Jugo verde

Cactus, though fairly uncommon in food in the U.S., is packed with vitamins and minerals, and studies cite its ability to lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation and prevent diabetes.

Where can you find cactus? Farmer’s Markets and speciality food stores like Whole Foods often keeps it in stock (and they slice it up for you — no cactus-related injuries necessary!)

I still won’t be purchasing my own juicer anytime soon, but this recipe will have me pulling out the blender now and then!

Jugo Verde

4 sprigs of parsley
1 nopal cactus
the juice of 1 grapefruit
60 grams (or a little over 2 ounces) natural pineapple
1/2 piece of celery
the juice of 3 oranges

Place all ingredients in the blender and mix it up. Then enjoy!


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